Meet Some Amazing Characters

Say ‘Hello’ the ‘Big Time Boogaloo’. He is a great favourite with many children in South Africa.




 The Big Time Boogaloo

is watching, watching, watching you.

Oh, he’s about alright,

just waiting out of sight,

with all its hairy legs tucked

under his chinnery, spinnery,

chin, chin, chin.


The Big Time Boogaloo’s

in a right old hairy spin.

It’s well past eight,

his dinner’s late

and now his tummy’s

mumbling, rumbling, grumbling.


“Where’s my dinner,” shouts old Boogs.

“Where’s my scrumptious, rumptious,

mumptious, DUMPTIOUS dinner date.

I think it’s time to put in a

hairy hand or two

and rustle up a little stew.

The first person walking past

is going to end up on my plate.”


“So, hear my warning. Hear it true.

Go past the web of the Big Time Boogaloo

and we’ll all be saying goodbye to you.”


                        ©   Andrew Pender-Smith


 Next up, encounter the ‘Wild Rat Rock Band’:


Wild Rat Rock Band


Yo Bros,

We’re a wild rat rock band that’s super cool.

We jump around and bash on bongo drums

And twang our electric guitars.

Our lead vocalist’s the best!

He can sing anything and rap up a storm.

Our act’s the greatest.

And that’s a fact.

We can fill an auditorium

While the crowds jump up and scream:

‘’More! More! Give us more!

We love you Wild Rat Rock Band.’’

We’re top of the international playlist.

Our music’s not to be missed.

Rap on. Rock on. Rat on, bros.

Bingo bango bongo – twang!

We’re the ultimate rat rock gang.

Lift your hands up.

On your toes!

Let’s show the world how a real

Rock show goes – twang, twang, twang!


© Andrew Pender-Smith




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