Wild on Wheels

Wild on Wheels

I’m wild on


I know it.

The best rollerblader

is me.

Any old fool

can see it.

Just watch me kiss the breeze,

wheel around corners,

take on Brad, Jim and

David and


With knee pads and helmet on

I’m a roller blade superman,

riding the wave of

the roller blade craze

and I don’t care if

I graze

any part of me

’cause when I’m blading

I’m king.

I’m spinning the wind in my face.

It’s cool, and I’m ACE!

© Andrew Pender-Smith

 The above poem is from ‘FANTASTIC  RACY THING AND LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER POEMS’ by Andrew Pender-Smith. Please see earlier posts for more free poems. All poems are to be used with acknowledgement of the author.  The poetry book is available as an e-book on Amazon.







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