Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin

Miss WW A+ (3)

‘Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin’ by Craig Carden. Set in two of the most buzzworthy nightclubs ever invented, ‘Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin’ is a wild romp of unusual characters, fun and games, and catch-me-if-you-can theft and deception. As the partying goes on, including dancing, gaming, talent contests and much more, a brilliant mind is at work. Someone extremely clever is outwitting the owners of the Jumping Pumpkin and the Ice Castle. Crime after crime takes place and the identity of the thief becomes an increasingly frustrating mystery. Just who is this most bizarre of thieves and how are they managing to crack the club’s security codes?

In reading ‘Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin’ you will find yourself on a mind ride like no other.  See where it takes you. It has also been made available through Draft2Digital to ten other publishing platforms. I hope you can join me and Craig Carden in wishing the story of Miss Whoop Whoop! good fortune.




One thought on “Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin

  1. This latest work was both highly entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time.
    Miss Whoop Whoop! And the Jumping Pumpkin is a thoroughly modern whodunnit interwoven with the antics and romps of club revelers including gay couple Guy and Storm, MC Mad Malcolm, pale-faced Felicity Dodge, bubble butt Big Boy Brad and Miss Whoop Whoop! herself, strutting their stuff at the winking Jumping Pumpkin gay nightclub. Antics aside, the story promotes a deeper message of compassion for others. If you enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster ride, Miss Whoop Whoop! And The Jumping Pumpkin has it all. Very cleverly put together. Well Done to the author.

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