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When it comes to creativity,

don be shy –

swing through de trees

an feel de breeze.

Let go, my friend, let go.

Jump high!     From ‘Feel de Breeze’ by Sebastian de Vervet.*

Hello to the Reader,

The books published under the Green Monkey Publications label have been produced during many years of writing, teaching and adjudicating. Andrew Pender-Smith’s first writings were poems and short plays for children. A wide selection of his poems have been used in schools and festivals in South Africa, most particularly by the Speech and Drama Association of South Africa, as well as by teachers and examiners of the Speech and Drama College (SA). Andrew Pender-Smith has given numerous workshops to teachers and writers on various aspects of Speech and Drama and Creative writing. The poems are available in a collection titled ‘FANTASTIC SPACEY RACY THING AND LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER POEMS’. An illustrated children’s book called SLURP!, another book for children named ‘Hunting  Zanga’, and a novel for young adults called ‘Dream Me a River’ are all available as e-books on Amazon. So too are ‘Will You Come Back?’ and ‘The Warnings’. The latter works are horror stories and join two earlier stories in the horror genre. They are ‘Alicia Billington’s Best Cat’ and ‘Humming Amongst the Roses’. 

The author put a great deal of his knowledge as a teacher, adjudicator and workshop facilitator into writing and publishing two educational books. They are: ‘COLOUR ME MORE: Teaching English Literature and Language’ and ‘COLOUR ME MORE: Teaching Dramatic Arts’. They are available as e-books and paperbacks on all Amazon sites. 

FREE CHILDREN’S POEM’S are available on this website from time to time. Though they might include a few new ones, most of them have been used with great success as individual poems or as choral verse. Using ‘copy and paste’ you may have them for yourself or, if you are a teacher, for your class. This is on the understanding that they are used with full acknowledgement of the author. Copyright is always an issue. The rights of an author regarding his or her work should always be respected. If you do use the poems, I would love to hear how you did. Please leave a comment in the comments section.

CRAIG CARDEN, the author of ‘Easter Beside an Estuary’ and ‘Miss Whoop Whoop! and the Jumping Pumpkin’, is part of the Green Monkey Publications stable. Craig Carden grew up in rural Zululand, South Africa and also knows much of the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. His childhood involved many hours walking through the veld, swimming in lagoons, fishing and the keeping of numerous pets. Swimming amongst shoals of fish in warm water has always been one of his most enjoyable pastimes. In later life, he had some of his best experiences among fish while snorkelling in the Arabian Gulf. ‘Easter Beside an Estuary’, set in rural Zululand, is also available on Amazon.

To anyone who has spent time on this website:

Thank you for looking at the pictures and taking the time to read the posts and poems. Any comments in the comments section would be truly welcome.

Please note: As from December 2018, most of the Green Monkey Publications titles became available on a number of major selling platforms such as Barnes and Noble, Playster, Scrib’d and Vivlio (to name some), as well as online libraries such as OverDrive, Hoopla and Bibliotheca.

Andrew Pender-Smith

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* You will find a number of Sebastian de Vervet’s poems on this website.