Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all those celebrating Christmas. May it be a happy and peaceful time for you. If you are not celebrating Christmas, wishing you ‘Happy Holidays’ and a good time to you, too. 

The flowers are a member of the rain lily family. The photo was taken in the garden at home. 

Merree Christmas and de Happee New Year


Merree Christmas an de Happee New Year

Sebastian de Vervet says dat if you are
de one celebrating Christmas den
‘Merree Christmas’,
an den I’m tinking, tinking it’s also time for
de New Year.

I’m saying, ‘’Happee, Happee New Year.’’
Have some fun.
May de good times come.
Don be naughtee. Well, not too much…

I’m making special wishes for those
into creativity.
May you make your best work yet
be it painting, prose or poetry.

‘’Happee Happee’’

Sebastian de Vervet

Andrew Pender-Smith and Craig Carden of Green Monkey Publications say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” too.