Between Plots and Characters.


The last time I posted, I talked of gardening being one of my favourite activities when not writing. The photos were of a pink and white amaryllis and an orange one. The white one, pictured above, flowered later. I had five blooms on the end of a rather long stem. Gardening gives me a break from hours of typing to produce a story. It is a great help if I have become too tense about an aspect of my writing and need to stand back for a while. Some of the knowledge I have learnt from gardening, and also as a member of a local horticultural society, has found its way into a few of my stories. 

To those of you who write: Happy writing. 


Easter Beside an Estuary


And so I flew on,
but not as freely as before,
because I will forever remember
the time of darkness
and those precious, precious
moments in the sun
when I were you, and you were me,
and together we were one.

Craig Carden

This poem opens the love story ‘Easter Beside an Estuary’ by Craig Carden.  It is set in a farming and wilderness area in Zululand, South Africa. The eBook was published some years ago. This week saw the publication of the paperback version. 

The photo used for the paperback cover was taken by the author on an isolated South African beach. It is the beach where Brad and Karl spent many happy hours. It is also close to where tragedy came out of the night…